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50 creative set play routines, based on real-life examples taken from elite football teams

50 Creative Set Plays |

Moving Animations

This resource is presented as 50 moving animations, and contains multiple coaching points for each set play to help inform coaches & players.


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50 Creative Set Plays |

Still Diagrams

This resource is presented as still diagrams for you to easily print off, add players initials or numbers to, and visualise your players set play roles during training and on a match-day.


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Set Piece Masterclass in association
with the Training Ground Guru

You can now access the two hour session on demand.

Topics covered include:

- The 14 different types of set plays 

- The importance of set plays 

- Incorporating set plays into your game model 

- Analysing, planning and executing set plays with an elite team

- Creating and visualing set play routines


"I have been lucky to work with some brilliant analysts in my career. They are so important to a coach, helping with your game plans & reviewing afterwards. Billy Coulston was one of those, great guy who has worked in The Premier League for years. He’s now gone on to set up a hugely beneficial website for coaches, all about creative set plays. I think it is well worth a look"

Stephen Clemence |

Gillingham Manager & former Aston Villa & Newcastle Utd Coach

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Having gained over ten years' experience working as an analyst in the Premier League, improving a team's output from set plays has always been an aspect of the game that I believe could add considerable value to their overall performance. This is largely due to the frequency of set plays within games and their relatively closed nature, compared to the unpredictability associated with open play situations.....

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